Call for Strategy Interns

Who We Are

Gemic is a global growth strategy firm with offices in Helsinki and New York. We help some of the largest global companies solve their most difficult strategy challenges. Companies usually come to us when they need help ‘designing for discontinuity’, and reimagining their role in contexts that are multiplying in number and complexity.

As business-minded creative strategists, we are grounded by the methods of the social sciences and design, inspired by the humanities, and buttressed by the analytical rigor of strategy consulting. We are anthropologists, philosophers, designers, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and futurists. In other words, we are passionate interdisciplinarians who believe that specialization is for insects and organize our work accordingly. We hail from over 10 countries, speak more than 14 languages, and always work in small teams that carry a project from inception, through research and strategy, into design-led solutions. More than anything, though, we care deeply about what the future will look like, feel like, and mean.

Needless to say, we know that in order to reimagine the future, the present must be unapologetically fun, healthy, and interesting. So, in addition to having some of the sharpest minds and personalities around, we offer our consultants long paid vacations, time off for creative and volunteer work, employer-paid health benefits, and a strong commitment to work-life balance and evening drinks.

The Gemic Internship Program

We generally recruit our entry-level consultants through our full-time internship program. Internships are two to four month paid engagements, during which you’ll be based in one of our two offices (Helsinki or New York), and be expected to hit the ground running as a key member of one of our project teams. In addition to being a part of every project phase (including potentially traveling for fieldwork and client meetings), you’ll have a senior team member as your mentor to support your development.

The start date for the internship is flexible and hence we will tailor the specific timing, duration, and location separately with each successful applicant. You’ll be offered a monthly salary of 1500€ / $2000, a round-trip ticket to the location in question, as well as help in finding accommodation. We are primarily looking for candidates who would be happy to intern in either Helsinki or New York, but please mention if you have a strong preference or are unable to intern in either.

What We Look For

We are looking for exceptionally creative, intellectually curious, brave, and humble humans who have a demonstrated interest in business and a love for big challenges.

We are open to candidates from all backgrounds, with major bonus points for diverse global experiences.

Plus, these should ring a bell or two as well:

  • Final year student, recent graduate, or young professional with an outstanding GPA from a top-tier university
  • Know, love, and have strong opinions of the social sciences, strategy, humanities, or design
  • Culturally and linguistically poly-gifted
  • Easily distracted by intellectually exciting ideas
  • Phenomenal at storytelling
  • Kind and collaborative under pressure

How to Apply

If you are the future team member we are looking for, please send us a cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcript to by January 31st, 2018. Once we review all applications, if selected, you will be invited to the first round of interviews.

Image by Marcus Hansson – licensed under CC BY 2.0