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Gemic is a global growth strategy firm.

Since 2008, we have helped business leaders translate emerging shifts in culture and technology into clear future direction and value propositions with transformative power. Our unique expertise in human sciences and business strategy unlocks growth opportunities that create real value and meaning in people’s lives.

Our work translates into industry-transforming strategies and offerings that feel right, spark enthusiasm, and create a sense of purpose.

  • Growth

    Successful growth strategies start with a deep understanding of what is valuable to people in a given social and cultural context.


    Asking the right questions is at the heart of any successful business strategy. Without them, it fails in its singular purpose: to help companies see markets in new ways that reveal opportunities for growth and value creation. Without them, value propositions, revenue streams or key indicators are all near fiction. We ask a lot of questions about businesses, markets, people and technology today and the many shifts that are shaping them for tomorrow because we believe that big, existential business challenges require deeper, smarter strategy.


    • We steered a tech giant in a new direction to pursue the post-screen technology era.
    • We helped one of the world’s largest CPG companies identify billion-dollar growth opportunities by examining their business through a socio-cultural lens.
    • We built a new growth direction with associated product and communications platforms for a leading pharmaceutical company based on a deep understanding of how people relate to pain.
  • Brand vision
    and purpose

    We define energizing missions for great brands, to spark enthusiasm and provide meaning.

    Brand vision
    and purpose

    The successes of our brand projects are driven by one thing that we know: great brands are not static. They grow. They evolve with the times. They improve. And when they are great, they are rich with vision and purpose. The way we see it, the greatest among them are continuously capturing and shaping the zeitgeist, producing and reproducing aspirational ideas, activities or energies in our cultures. Whether evolving what already exists today or launching something new, we draw on semiotics, anthropology and other social sciences to study functional and cultural values, identify social and symbolic meanings and create brands that connect with consumers and re-energize organizations.


    • We helped a leading automotive brand redefine its relationship with cultural tastemakers around the world.
    • We redefined the essence of luxury for highly sophisticated Asian consumers and repositioned an iconic European design brand.
    • We helped a home electronics giant position its brand by gaining real insight into what affluent Chinese men really want.
  • Human and cultural insight

    Our foundational research always goes beyond the obvious, uncovering the most powerful phenomena shaping our clients’ business environments.

    Human and cultural insight

    Our passion for understanding the biggest pictures and the smallest details of what it means to live in the world today has been shaped by our many backgrounds in social science. We are driven by curiosity. We celebrate the intellectual rigor and commercial applications of anthropology, sociology, social psychology, semiotics, political economy and design. And whether we’re working on our own, partnering with other management consultants or advising an advertising, design or innovation agency, we are constantly on the lookout for projects that will challenge our team to produce the most relevant and actionable insights to drive growth.


    • We unwrapped the gifting practices related to female beauty products in France, China, and Turkey.
    • We helped a leading U.S. financial institution understand how people’s relationship with time and investing is changing its business.
    • We built a nuanced model of how mobile technology can help ambitious individuals gain an edge in their career and education in African, Indian, and Chinese megacities.
  • Future­casting

    We explore what’s next for businesses by making sense of how the greatest technological and societal shifts of our time will shape the way we live.


    At the end of the day, running a great company is all about creating a future. We study that future by talking with experts, assessing weak signals of change and megatrends, developing future scenarios of how those might evolve, and anchoring our conclusions and recommendations in an understanding of how social theory on people today can reveal what soon might be new ways of being in the world tomorrow. But we don’t just study the future. We also provide our clients with a nuanced understanding of their best prospective futures and the possible paths they can take to achieve them.


    • We studied and distilled emerging trends in urban mobility to help a luxury carmaker drive into a better future.
    • We helped a leading insurance company secure its future through road-mapping.
    • We identified future possible trajectories of protein for a major European food company.


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We don’t see ourselves as social scientists, business strategists, or designers but as a group of inspired thinkers unrestricted by dogma.

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